FAITH Challenge

FAITH is a multi-million-dollar competition designed to promote

the development of an innovative & compassionate food allergy diagnosis

A Safe and Accurate Alternative to the Oral Food Challenge (OFC)

What we are looking for

The goal is to create an alternative for OFC that is highly sensitive and specific and has the potential to identify multiple allergens. It is easy to use, does not depend on sophisticated instrumentation, and provides clear results that are reproducible.

The Strategy

The multi-pronged approach allows the exploration of several options simultaneously. There will be maximum flexibility to pursue the most promising options, along with head-to-head comparisons and collaboration across multiple sites. The strategy is results-driven with staged investments with future support contingent on progress.

Staged Data-Driven Approach


FARE is incredibly grateful to the donors of the FAITH Challenge

Hillary and Benjamin Carter | Hittman Family Foundation | Dr. Louise Matthews and Thomas Flickinger | Naddisy Foundation | Nestlé Health Science | Trachte Family Foundation